Words I’ve Written



Scars will almost always vanish in time

Just as I will slowly fade away

The end has already went and gone

I will never wait for the things you will never say

Don’t worry now about saying your goodbyes

I won’t need them as I’m letting go

Of my last feeble cries

There’s no wondering now about things left unsaid

Every part of me will never change

I will live forever in between friend and foe

Today is the end of me

The me I used to be

Sips of sweet sweet regret

Is all that’s left of yesterday

Substitutions, fake futile pretendings

Nothing more will come of this existance

It was all in my head, for instance

The need is starting to spill

And the millions of versions that I despise

Scattered into places that no one will ever see

So don’t try to tell me that I matter to you

I know that’s not the truth

I was just a moment that came and went

The newness means more to you than I ever did

Absolute clarity resides in these new feelings

Don’t concern yourself with my healing

You’re more gone than you ever were

And you know that’s true


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