Baby Steps

Growing up is simply realizing that you are finally ready to do all the things you always dreamed of doing, but were too afraid to try.  It’s exhilarating.


Today I finished day ten of a 30-day hot yoga challenge.  I’m proud of myself for letting go of my fears and letting my body work it’s magic.  I feel so enlightened and I know I am literally transforming my body from the inside out.  All I know is that I feel incredibly strong.  Mind, body and soul.  Things are exciting.  My mind is more free lately and it feels wonderful.


Finding My Freedom


If you are not lucky enough to feel it already, one day there is going to be that person that comes along and changes everything. You might view the world differently. Parts of you will change. You will understand things you never did before. You will learn more about yourself because of this person than you every imagined was possible. Until then, enjoy the ride.

For me, this brand new year is about living in the moment as well as challenging myself beyond my previously established limits. I have never felt so alive and open to so many possibilities. Sure I have always held the power to do anything I desired, but I continued to hold back. I was afraid of where I might end up.

I’ve started a project that is incredibly important to me. For months now, I’ve considered the idea of traveling abroad to teach English. I finally signed up for the TESOL online certification and began completing the lessons. I’m filled with a new sense of importance and purpose. I’m not yet sure which country I am the most interested in relocating to but beyond excited for the adventure.

Understanding my true self, not who I think I should be, has always been a daunting task. As I progress in life and continue to meet new people and hear their own stories I feel as though it helps me understand the world in a different way. I’m not sure why but I felt completely misunderstood from a very young age. Being so disconnected caused me to fall into quite a few stages of self-isolation over the last several years. I’m starting to believe that the part of me that used to feel so awkward is slowly disappearing. I suspect this newfound confidence happened for a few reasons.

Living in New York City as a single female gives me a lot of independence on its own. But honestly I’ve gained so much strength and perspective from all the strong females I have met along the path and who I have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis. Most importantly and thankfully, these wonderful women are my friends. These newfound friendships have really opened my eyes to the world around me. It seems females are always wanting to compete against, be better than, prettier, smarter, richer or get the same guy as each other. Once you learn to respect each other, hopefully all that unnecessary jealousy, anger and pettiness goes away. I know it has for me.

Life is one hundred percent what you make of it. You always have a choice. I choose to make mine wonderful.

Building a Better Me


I feel it is only normal to fall off the fitness wagon every now and again. For me it is the simple fact that I am only human and sometimes I have the will power and sometimes I do not. I can only limit myself for certain undetermined waves of time before, eventually, I have to cheat on this plan somehow.

There are a plethora of body types out there and different ways that people treat their bodies as well as how strong of a metabolism they may possess. I was not blessed with a high metabolism as I have to work very hard to keep fit and maintain a healthy diet. This takes an extreme amount of self-control and sometimes near excruciating exercise plans. So as I said, this discipline only lives in me for certain periods of time before my deep-rooted bad habits begin to slowly resurface.

When I make good choices and treat my body well through the food I consume and how active I keep myself, I always feel a high sense of accomplishment. I feel stronger, happier, more energetic and just plain content with the person I am. Working on myself in any way continues to be of high importance to me always.

I’ve began to take better care of myself again. The trick for me this time was to incorporate new ways to stay in shape. I think after I ran the 5k back in May I was just feeling very burnt out. I still love running but I needed a change of pace. So thankfully in this amazing city I live in there are various fitness classes being offered throughout the duration of summertime and to make it even better they are completely free. These classes range from Zumba to Yoga to Pilates to Spin and beyond. I attended my first Zumba class today and I loved every second of it. It really got me moving, taught me some awesome moves and provided a killer workout for my entire body. The best part about these classes is that they are being held in prime locations. I never thought I would be dancing my butt off at a Zumba class along the East River, with the view of the Manhattan skyline as well as the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge. I’ve also started doing some early morning runs in Battery Park along the Hudson. It feels good to escape the enslavement and confinement of the gym and just reminds me of how lucky am I to be back here in this place with endless opportunities.

I’m going to work very hard from now until the end of the year and beyond because the challenge alone fills me with so much energy, passion and drive. It feels good to push myself and I will continue to do just that.

The Strongest Girl You Know

I’m not going to stop until I make it, because I will make it. When I do, I will begin a new challenge. Because we all need something to fight for. We are all in the middle of some battle that needs winning. We do the best we can with what we have, wherever we are. In that sense I am no different. In my mind, where the wheels never stop turning, lives a consistent roar of life and hope; faith even. I never give up. No matter what you think of me, I always believe. I have been broken just as we all have. But that does not define me. It never will. I am so much more than I have yet to show. You don’t really see me; just through me. Never forget my name. I will make a difference in this world day by day as I conquer my fears and dreams. I don’t need weapons to survive.