Dear fragile soul

You are not meant to understand

There are plently things you will never know

You will fall, you will win

There are times you will fail before you even begin

Days will hurt

You will run

As hard as it is

There will be fun

And you will love

you will lose

the skies will be grey and blue

beyond the edges of this vast world

endless at that

you will be loved for real

if you can only learn how to feel

the answers are not all there

you cannot solve every riddle

Walk this soil full of that burning desire

and that heart you guard,

someday you’ll learn to share

let that sunlight warm the parts of you that hide

there’s hope out there waiting

but mostly it’s inside


Blue Rusted Breeze


I like to close my eyes and swallow up the wind
As I sit on the edge of what used to be and what’s about to begin
Let the rain fall and wash away
All that came before this day
Hurricanes won’t cloud this dream
I’m floating on a moonbeam
Sun rays shining through
Above and beyond
In the blink of an eye, it will be
You’ll see,
I’m holding out for everything brand new



Rise early
Before the trill of the alarm reaches my ears
Just in time to see the sun
Reflecting its light
building shadows through trees onto the bright white snow
Notice the still simplicity of morning
And my body adjusting accordingly
There’s work to be done
Countless steps
For now I breathe and relish the world in this state
I am here to make the most of another day

Slow Down, Close Your Eyes, Run Faster


Follow me down to the end of this road. Past the lines that were meant to be followed. Where the pavement turns into land and the land is soon taken over by water. I’ll be walking down that path in the pitch dark, but still I can see the stars. I will climb a million mountains to get to where I am going. I will jump from bridge to bridge with my eyes closed. Sing to me all the reasons why I will never make it. Tell me again all the reasons I should already know. I will listen this time, I promise. But let me fall endlessly. I can’t seem comprehend such words. They bounce off the images stored within my memories, roll around and never stop. So take my hand and we’ll run through corn fields, scale the highest sky-scrapers and fly to the moon. It doesn’t matter where we land while we are flying. I’ll pretend again until the end. I’ll be miss make believe until it’s time to come down. But I will never let go of what I know.

Moon River

If I could just turn my mind off tonight maybe I could get some sleep. My head is filled with racing thoughts. Old thoughts. Thoughts that should be retired. They always come back though, somehow. I’m hoping some deep breathes and mellow tunes will heal me right now. I’m feeling so restless and I refuse to allow myself to be sad. I deserve better.


There once was a girl named Rue,

She had so much homework that she didn’t know what to do.

So she tried and tried,

threw her social life away,

slipped slowly into a life void of play.

She learned this and that,

and her mind grew and grew.

She conquered every quiz and test

Her grades climbed to the top

But all she really wanted was some rest.

Her dreams were full of the next escape,

wishes of traveling the world.

So she kept a level mind,

while her passion she fed,

made some new friends,

when it was possible, she would clear her head.

Rue is still learning,

giving it her all,

in awe of the ride.

She knows the road ahead will unwind in due time,

along with the pull of the tide.

This chapter won’t always seem such a mess.

She’s going places,

conquering the quest.

She is scared of what will be,

but she’s doing her best.