Story of a Girl

“To share our stories is not only a worthwhile endeavor for the storyteller, but for those who hear our stories and feel less alone because of it.”
~Joyce Maynard
20110629-073216.jpgI’m not going to stop until I make it, because I will make it. When I do, I will begin a new challenge. Because we all need something to fight for. We are all in the middle of some battle that needs winning. We do the best we can with what we have, wherever we are. In that sense I am no different. In my mind, where the wheels never stop turning, lives a consistent roar of life and hope; faith even. I never give up. No matter what you think of me, I always believe. I have been broken just as we all have. But that does not define me. It never will. I am so much more than I have yet to show. You don’t really see me; just through me. Never forget my name. I will make a difference in this world day by day as I conquer my fears and dreams. I don’t need weapons to survive.



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