Dear fragile soul

You are not meant to understand

There are plently things you will never know

You will fall, you will win

There are times you will fail before you even begin

Days will hurt

You will run

As hard as it is

There will be fun

And you will love

you will lose

the skies will be grey and blue

beyond the edges of this vast world

endless at that

you will be loved for real

if you can only learn how to feel

the answers are not all there

you cannot solve every riddle

Walk this soil full of that burning desire

and that heart you guard,

someday you’ll learn to share

let that sunlight warm the parts of you that hide

there’s hope out there waiting

but mostly it’s inside




You wish for the sun
But run at the first sign of light
You live in the rain
Maybe it hides the pain
You insist it’s what’s best
But the grey takes over your days
If what you say is what should be
Why are your dreams such a haze
You’ve felt what it’s like to fly
Yet cannot use your wings
And if life is simply just passing you by
Will you listen to the song that your heart sings

Blue Rusted Breeze


I like to close my eyes and swallow up the wind
As I sit on the edge of what used to be and what’s about to begin
Let the rain fall and wash away
All that came before this day
Hurricanes won’t cloud this dream
I’m floating on a moonbeam
Sun rays shining through
Above and beyond
In the blink of an eye, it will be
You’ll see,
I’m holding out for everything brand new



Rise early
Before the trill of the alarm reaches my ears
Just in time to see the sun
Reflecting its light
building shadows through trees onto the bright white snow
Notice the still simplicity of morning
And my body adjusting accordingly
There’s work to be done
Countless steps
For now I breathe and relish the world in this state
I am here to make the most of another day

Days of Future Past


Now I am quietly waiting for
the catastrophe of my personality
to seem beautiful again,
and interesting, and modern.

The country is grey and
brown and white in trees,
snows and skies of laughter
always diminishing, less funny
not just darker, not just grey.

It may be the coldest day of
the year, what does he think of
that? I mean, what do I? And if I do,
perhaps I am myself again.

Frank O’Hara


I’ve seen the future,
now it has passed
I felt what it might be,
but it wasn’t built to last
At times it burns a hole so deep,
there is nowhere else to go
But I felt it, I lived it, it was real,
not just all for show
If ever I did believe,
my mind was capable of coping
These are the days I understand,
so here’s to still hoping




Hey girl, its not you

Get going, get gone

Wild things kept you here

Winds now blow you away

Mazes in an uncharted ride

You won’t be blind

Soon you’ll find

White noises won’t wake you

Those binds will take you

The truth will break you

Reality has sprung

No longer an option

To dream the ending

Obsolete and incomplete

The final countdown has begun

Repost: Voyager


Because I appreciate this more now than I ever did back then.  I notice this trend often in my writing.

Repost from June 5, 2010




Throughout the winding roads and the windy streets, the sleepless nights and the constant feats

That pretty hate and the words that stung, the endless desire that always hung

The busy way my mind behaves, the almost never present logic that always saves

Those restless times that felt so, and everything I ever claimed  to know

During my darkest dark and my lowest low, somehow light always knew when to show

The dreams I dreamt and the plans I once made, only to start over again after they fade

To the friends that turned out to be real, and for those that couldn’t survive

I feel just fine without you, in fact I’m more than I ever was.  Now I’m alive

Amidst many tears shed and countless smiles had,

the ups and downs, the good and the bad

From the pure innocence of the blind I used to see, these days my eyes are finally free

Transformation takes place in times of disaster, something not so simple to master

Education comes in all forms and I cherish everything that I have learned

Thankful for every heartache from every soul I have ever yearned

I am finally on my way after a lifetime of trying to make sense of it all,

I still don’t have the answers and  yes I’ll continue to fall

Now I have something new, a simple little kind of free,

Losing my mind and keeping the faith, but then again I’m still me




This is dedicated to everyone I love, who is fighting their way through this crazy life, day by day, just the same as me. Let’s stick together and remember we’re not alone. You guys are my whole world. Thanks for inspiring me.

Sometimes you have to laugh
Sometimes you have to cry
Sometimes you just wonder why
Sometimes you need to dance
Sometimes you have to potty in front of a house in order not to pee your pants.
Sometimes you win
Sometimes you lose
Sometimes you want to get crazy and drink booze
Sometimes you have to fight
Sometimes you get along
Sometimes you stay up all night
Just wondering what you did wrong.
Somedays come simple
Others more complex
Sometimes you need to cuddle
Sometimes you just want sex
Sometimes you crave the city lights and the constant lively sounds
But sometimes you want to stroll through the country and just settle down
Sometimes you lose friends and it breaks your heart
But then someone new comes along, changes everything and helps you make a brand new start
Sometimes you run
Sometimes you walk
Sometimes you are invisible
Sometimes people gawk
Sometimes you feel like talking
Sometimes you have no words
Sometimes you sing with the birds
Sometimes you can fix it
Sometimes you must move on
Sometimes you lose
Sometimes you win
Sometimes you’re good
Sometimes you sin
At times you feel scared
And don’t know how to deal
But then you have courage so strong it seems unreal
Sometimes you soar
Sometimes you fall
Sometimes you are quiet
Sometimes you roar
Sometimes this all makes sense
Sometimes it feels so strange
Sometimes you feel relaxed
Sometimes you get so tense
Sometimes you fall in love
And it ends much too soon
But around the corner there’s always another surprise
In this life we fall over and over again
But somehow, someway we will always rise



Red dresses
Red lips
Red cheeks
Red bed in which you lay
Red sky
Red love
Red rain
Red lies and red nights
Red day
Red soul
Red eyes
Red hole
Red mouth
Red dreams never quit
Red matter
Red right
Red for now, red tonight
Red roads never end
Red red red
Rolling down the bend