Check, Check and CHECK


Slightly delayed but it’s finally here. My list of to-dos in this new and glorious year. Enjoy.

1. Get a passport and flee the country. In other words, TRAVEL

2. Get a BOYFRIEND. I can honestly say I don’t know when the last time was that I was actually spoken for, as in taken. This does not mean that I’m not enjoying the dating world. Because I’m having a blast.

3. Have more sex in the shower, try out rooftops, the subway, anywhere really. Just have more SEX. Yes, I said it.

4. Take my passions to a higher level. I’ve done an insane amount of writing and taken countless photos since I moved here in 2010. I would like to put these together in some way. DOCUMENT MY ADVENTURES

5. Focus on ME. Continuous work in progress.

6. Fix my CREDIT. I’m not proud at all about the fact that it’s bad. This has screwed me more than once this year. I will no longer let a single score determine my triumphs and defeats. It’s time to grow up.

Stay tuned to see what happens. I’m going to kick this year’s ass.


Strength and Endurance-My Journey Towards Excellence

The most important lesson I have learned thus far in my life is to always focus on my personal growth; keep myself happy first and foremost. When I take care of myself and my well-being, I am just an overall better person. I deal with potential stress-ors with more positivity, I am more patient, more open-minded, I am a better friend, a better listener and see the world full of endless opportunities.

Last year this girl began a journey. I began a new hobby and it has completely changed who I am; for the better. I first decided to pick up running due to the fact that it terrified me. In hopes of conquering another fear, I jumped in not knowing at all what to expect.

I have spoken many times of my running adventures; this is something of much importance to me. Last fall I set a goal of running a half-marathon on this very day. I have trained hard but have also faced minor set-backs in the last 7 months or so. I gained so much heart throughout this time. I learned what it felt like to push myself harder everyday and to keep pushing even when it felt like I had nothing left. I really discovered just exactly who I am. I have an iron soul and I never give up; ever.

Sometime in March I began talking with one of my managers who had just taken up running as well and was planning to complete the 5k portion of the race I had been training for. She said we should sign up together. I decided that a 5k was a more suitable and most-likely more attainable goal to shoot for as my first public exposure to running. And so began the countdown.

Today was a day I will never forget. The amount of pure adrenaline coursing through my body alone was unexplainable and just felt thrilling. Being around so many others with the same drive and passion was beyond rewarding. Not knowing what exactly to expect kept me anticipating every second. I started off strong and kept steady. My pace definitely slowed between the second mile and the finish line but I kept going. Guided by an army of runners just as dedicated as myself, pushing themselves to the limit, I made my way towards the finish line. I collected my metal and met up with my friends. Words cannot possibly begin to describe what this accomplish means to me or what I felt in that very moment. I have never been so proud of myself. Next stop, half-marathon.

So here’s to dedication, persistence, believing in yourself, dreams, goals, strength, happiness and striving to become a better person. These are the things that truly enrich our lives.

Never give up.

Changing All The Rules

Every previously established rule, boundary, habit or opinion is just waiting to be broken, crossed, changed and replaced with something new.  We are constantly changing: physically, mentally and spiritually as much as the world is changing around us.

As I continue to grow up daily, some of these changes in me are positive, powerful and wonderful. When negativity strikes me, I fight back.  I have noticed and documented a lot of patterns in my behavior on a weekly basis.  It helps me to step back, observe the way I act and react, so I can use these actions to benefit me and who I am striving to become.

For the past few years, I have held onto the dream of becoming a nurse because of my need to take care of people that is deeply rooted within who I am.  But lately I’ve gained several new ambitions.  I want to study psychology, natural medicine and food safety.  I want to educate the world about the poison that is being put into our food and I am passionate about promoting health and wellness.  I also want to study the human mind, the way it works and why we feel and act the way we do.  There is nothing that I have ever wished to understand more than this.

Some days New York makes me feel so powerful.  As I walk the streets, the energy and vivacity of the city fill me full of life.  I am positive that I can make anything happen here.  I can change my whole life.  I just have to work really fucking hard.  And keep believing…

Success Stories


In an effort to switch things up I have a new plan. I will post a new success story every week. These may range in topic from personal, career, lifestyle, love, travel or simply random. I need some sunshine and I plan to make it happen. So here goes the first edition of Jamie’s Success Story.

Back in the beginning of January I decided it was time to make some important health decisions. I knew I needed to change my eating and exercise habits. I joined a gym for the first time in close to a year, started counting calories with the loseit! app and eating healthier. I also began the Couch to 5k running program. I was always one of those people who was terrified of treadmills. Now I cannot get enough. Thankfully Spring has sprung and I’m looking forward to being able to start running outside. I still have a long way to go but am proud to say that as of today I am down 20 pounds since January. Not to mention the lowest weight I’ve been at in close to ten years. I have another 40 or so to lose until I finally reach my target weight and am really looking forward to the challenge. I finally understand how to conquer this weight loss battle and I’m going to take it a day at a time.