The Climb


Today marks the final day of my summer class. One more final exam to go and I am finished. It was complete determination and keeping myself on track to graduate on schedule that pushed me to sign up.  I will say that sacrificing most of my summer was worth it and I even made some new friends.  Overall, it was very difficult and by far the most new information I’ve flooded my brain with in an eight week period probably ever.  But speaking of my brain, I was enthralled to learn more about the human body, how it works and what we are all capable of.  What amazing creatures we all are.  Perhaps I even respect my own body that much more.  Even if I don’t always like what I see on the outside I know that I am an extraordinary machine on the inside.

It’s a month off until my Fall semester starts and I plan on relaxing mostly.  Finally getting back to some yoga classes, escape the city and remember what it feels like to breathe easier.  I think I’ve earned it.


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