Twists and Turns Too



What really matters in this world; my own world? I guess that question has been on my mind this week. Heavy with the news I will be laid off at the end of April, I turned my head upon the sky a few nights back.  My gaze fell upon all those stars which on that particular night where illuminating the sky beyond the norm I have come to expect in this big city life.  Speaking of my city, we are at a sort of odds lately. I chose to walk the Brooklyn Bridge recently (something I used to do often) in hopes of soaking up some of the magic it seems I have lost. Blending in among the tourists, I slowed my stroll and let go of the urgency. Breathing in a slow waltz, I took in the view; breathtaking as always.


The stars were radiant that night and I rested my eyes.  I wonder if you still see them or feel them as I do. Intertwined and intermixed ages ago, severely separated in current days.

My current job is surely my favorite of all I’ve held. I don’t believe I started really living or understanding until I felt comfortable being me.  I met my best friends and I finally discovered my true self. They taught me everything. I am eternally grateful. I learned so very much and I don’t want to let go.  Sometimes though, it is just time to say goodbye. I could mourn another loss or let my newest endeavors guide me. I finally feel significance in my path. So I may feel a little lost without these things that have become my norm but the future, as it always has, will keep my soul alive.




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