So the seasons shifted, there was another gorgeous full moon and my birthday happened; one right after the other. These events combined left me feeling quite powerful and I believe the energy flowing throughout me is more present than ever.


As I age further, I never know what exactly to do in celebration of completing another year of life in this crazy world. What I’ve found is that all that really matters is appreciating what you have. I embrace all the little things that make me smile and take comfort in knowing that I am living to my fullest.

I decided to give myself a full week devoted to myself and of course, with the help of all the wonderful people in my life, had a blast. Live folk music, dancing, yoga, running, lots of wine, beach time and an absolute perfect park picnic by the water overlooking the Manhattan skyline.



Another year of learning. Another year of living.


Another year of me.

Grateful for all that is. Hopeful for what lies ahead.



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