The Perks


In case I haven’t said this enough, I’m surrounded by great people. Recent interactions with certain “friends” made me realize this even more so.

I’m at a time of exploration in my life. In order to continually grow, I expose myself to as many new things as possible. Perhaps lately some of these choices have been on the risky side. But, as always I treat things with an open mind and I am always safe about it.

There seems to be those times in life. When you feel resistance from the people who have known you the longest. They say they are just watching out for you, they have your “best interest” in mind. But I don’t buy that. If you care about someone, it shouldn’t be a conditional thing. While I expect and appreciate some concerns to be expressed, I will not stand for the judgement.

We have to let each other expand our horizons. We all have different lives full of so many different battles. I’m happy with me but I’m still struggling to find my place. If you don’t understand that enough to stick by me through my explorations, than you weren’t really a part of me in the first place.

I will never slow down or stop doing anything I want to be doing. I am going to try it all. This is my only chance to experience all this world has to offer and I intend on doing so.


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