Repost: Voyager


Because I appreciate this more now than I ever did back then.  I notice this trend often in my writing.

Repost from June 5, 2010




Throughout the winding roads and the windy streets, the sleepless nights and the constant feats

That pretty hate and the words that stung, the endless desire that always hung

The busy way my mind behaves, the almost never present logic that always saves

Those restless times that felt so, and everything I ever claimed  to know

During my darkest dark and my lowest low, somehow light always knew when to show

The dreams I dreamt and the plans I once made, only to start over again after they fade

To the friends that turned out to be real, and for those that couldn’t survive

I feel just fine without you, in fact I’m more than I ever was.  Now I’m alive

Amidst many tears shed and countless smiles had,

the ups and downs, the good and the bad

From the pure innocence of the blind I used to see, these days my eyes are finally free

Transformation takes place in times of disaster, something not so simple to master

Education comes in all forms and I cherish everything that I have learned

Thankful for every heartache from every soul I have ever yearned

I am finally on my way after a lifetime of trying to make sense of it all,

I still don’t have the answers and  yes I’ll continue to fall

Now I have something new, a simple little kind of free,

Losing my mind and keeping the faith, but then again I’m still me


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