The Blue of my Oblivion


There are times I feel completely numb. It’s a personal choice really. There are moments when life feels too intense, emotions seem much too complex, thinking feels far too weighted. I’d rather walk around carefree and live in my bubble where all things are just simple. I don’t want to think about how much I love people or whether they love me, how far away certain things seem, where this path is leading, what the hell I’m doing or what may happen.

So when I’m drifting into oblivion, I feel an overall serenity that is comforting. Some days lately are just too much and although I understand myself so much better at this point in my life, the lost feeling never seems to leave me. I’ll never be the princess at the top of the castle being rescued by the brave white knight but maybe I’m hoping that someone, someday will help save me; just a little…

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