One Day I Grew Up


I woke up one day knowing that I wanted a change. I spent the entire next two months planning for this change. I gave my everything; I changed it. I moved on.

I wake up everyday exactly where I am supposed to be, being the person I’ve always wanted to be. The single most important thing in life is to be yourself. I don’t wait around to make changes anymore and I don’t hold back. I can’t remember the last time I held something inside and I’ve become an expert at sharing the way I feel. I don’t worry about how I am perceived. I know that I am living my dreams and I will never look back with a single regret. I rule my world and I’ve never felt better.

[Edit-14 hours later]

You can be the most independent, secure, strong, confident, grounded, free soul in the world but every once in a while you just want to hold the hand of that person that makes your heart flutter. That’s just human nature…


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