One-Eighty and the Peace Treaty


Once upon a time, I struggled through a certain period of feeling extremely unstable. I would literally feel fine one moment and end up crying the next. During this time I can honestly say I was in a very deep state of depression; something I have battled with for years. I felt beyond angry, defeated, bitter and sadly, didn’t even want to try.

I let those feelings control me and rule my world and that, in turn, made me miserable. I am not at all proud of the person I was back then but I can say that I am thankful to know what those emotions feel like. Somehow I was convinced that I was entitled to certain things and/or outcomes. I had so many expectations and instead of just letting things happen, I pushed many things I shouldn’t have.

These days I am a different person. I feel secure in just being me. I dropped the ego, the expectations, the sense of entitlement, the victim card, the drama, the negativity, the baggage and the whole living in the past thing; I finally grew up.

I have no idea where this next year will take me. However, I am certain that I will be following my dreams and cannot think of anything more important or rewarding. I am so thankful to have the opportunity and ability to chase after what I want and pursue my passions. Anything could happen and I am so ready to give my all. I’ve never felt stronger and more full of love; at peace with myself. Who knows, maybe a year from today I will be telling a different story. The one in which my fairy-tale finally comes true.

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