My Tribe



Taking some time out tonight to reposition things into perspective. This would be the perfect moment to sit on a rooftop and enjoy the light drizzle from the clouds above. I remember those nights I would sit on my rooftop and take in the view of the city, close my eyes, drown out the loud sounds of chaos surrounding me, and just think. That was by far my favorite thinking spot. Just one short month until I am reunited with the city that stole my heart.

I recently watched a movie called “Fierce People” and it caused a stirring in my mind, as so many other things do. In the final dialogue of the film the main character states, “We are the sum of all people we have ever met; you change the tribe and the tribe changes you.”

The absolute true nature of this statement travels directly to the core of me and makes my soul glow. The importance of our everyday contact with strangers as well as friends is unmatched by any other venture in our lives. Life is interaction. Our interaction with each other. We learn and grow in these moments. Our lives shape and shift every time we meet someone new. We gain goodness and endure sadness. We redefine ourselves according to who we are close to. Choice is the most powerful weapon we will ever possess and we make choices depending on how it will affect the people around us. We are ruled by our environments and the people who live within them. We are all a part of each other.

I was thinking about how many times I’ve been changed and the truth is, it’s constant. As independent as I am, I am also easily influenced. Mostly because I have such a fascination with how people run their lives. I observe, attempt to benefit or at least understand and keep a piece of this with me at all times.

If I had to say how many times I think I’ve changed someone, I could honestly not answer. I do believe that impacting a life is such a powerful thing. I strive to always leave things better than I find them. I am convinced that just being true to myself and never changing who I am will alone change things. I will change things in my own ways, in my own time.

I am eternally grateful for my tribe.


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