Something To Talk About

I don’t often toot my own horn but I feel the need to celebrate tonight. I have been wearing my clothes lately and feeling quite uncomfortable in them. Some of them have become quite baggy. So although I honestly cannot afford it, I did a little shopping tonight and bought some new items of clothing. There is no feeling in the world quite like shopping after you’ve lost a significant amount of weight. Numbers aren’t at all important to me, I don’t really ever weigh myself. But the way I feel in my new clothes is all the validation I need. I feel wonderful…

My health struggle has been ongoing since I was a child. A year ago I made a promise to myself to restart my fitness plan and to actually stick to it. I was concerned about where I was headed and felt pretty horrible. Since then I have still faltered many times. But I keep going. I will always keep going. I’m not being as tough on myself as I used to be but I am definitely working harder. These days I finally view myself as a beautiful woman. That was not possible for me in my past. I embrace my faults and appreciate my uniqueness.

On this very day I did happen to record my weight. I am so proud to say that because of drastic changes in the way I eat on a daily basis and an ongoing exercise plan, I am down 70 pounds from 4 years ago. I feel good and I know that I will continue to make good choices regarding my health.
I felt it appropriate to share my excitement so here is a good ole before and after:




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