Here we are. We made it to the big 2012. Another year, another 365 days full of new opportunities, challenges and constant learning. I’m proud to say that this last year taught me more than I could have possibly imagined. I finally found the strength and courage that I always knew I had hidden inside. I used that strength to begin new obstacles and most importantly I did something that I was never able to before, I learned how to stand up for myself, for once.
There were highs and lows and such is life. Here are just a few highlights from 2011:
High Point-
Turning 30 and being able to celebrate in NYC.
Low Point-
Having to let go of my best friend. Forever.
Favorite Musical Album-
Lungs by Florence + The Machine
Biggest Sacrifice-
Moving from NY to OH
New Favorite Restaurant-
SNice Vegetarian Cafe/Red Bamboo
Biggest Accomplishment-
Running 7 miles straight
Favorite Culinary Creation-
Vegan “Chicken” Taquitos/Chocolate Covered Strawberry Birthday Cake
Favorite Road Trip-
Favorite Hangout Spot-
High Line Park/Central Park
Best Night Out-
Brooklyn Bridge Dance Party with Caitlin and friends.
Favorite Natural Disaster-
Favorite NYC Landmark-
Brooklyn Bridge
Favorite Sport-

So I don’t believe in resolutions. I don’t think it’s necessary. I would rather make continuous simple goals throughout the year as well as always challenge myself with new endeavors. I am committed to bettering myself on a daily basis. That’s just how I’m wired. I will continue to focus on my mental health and well being as I feel this is the most important thing in my life. I come first and my happiness is all that matters to me at this point in time. No one can possibly hold me back from my dreams.
All my energy, effort, heart and soul will be put into training for the half-marathon in May as well as beginning nursing school.
I am beyond fortunate to have met some wonderful new people in 2011 and as I’ve said on many occasions, I would not be half as strong without them.
If you happen to follow these ramblings of mine, thank you. I love to write. I keeps me feeling alive. I will continue to share my life through this blog as long as I feel it is appropriate.

I wish you all the very best in this new year upon us. Follow your passions. That’s all that matters in life.


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