Weekly Update-Marathon Training W4

A little late but here I am with the weekly update. It was a good week overall. Had fun at work. Flirted with so many men. (I think I’m in heat or something…) added some new things to my home, decorated for Christmas and had some good conversations with family and friends. On Saturday it started snowing in the late morning through afternoon. It barely stuck for about an hour and then was gone but it was nice while it lasted. I went to a holiday party that night. It felt great to dress up, I rarely get the opportunity to do so lately, and I met some new people as well.
As far as the training goes, I’m not all that impressed with how many overall miles I ran this last week. But I gave it my all and that’s all that matters. I keep moving forward and I have to remind myself that all this is really tough on my body and I have to give it time to adjust. I have to balance out being so hard on myself with rewarding myself for what I’ve already accomplished. Here’s what this week consisted of:
Monday: 4 Miles
Tuesday: 3.5 Miles
Wednesday: 3 Miles
Thursday: REST
Friday: 3 Miles
Saturday: REST
Sunday: Yoga

Theme for this next week:
No Pain, No Gain.


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