Forward Motion


Lately the days are such a struggle but I’m definitely pushing through. This move has been even more challenging than New York, didn’t think that was possible. Now that I have a secure full-time job things are at least on the right track. I can only handle so many more days of sleeping on a couch, feeling like I’m in the way, not having my own space, being the new person, being completely broke(living on economy size breakfast cereal), not really having any friends and not having a car in a town whose transit operation is a joke.
When I get overwhelmed, which has been happening entirely too often lately, I just remind myself this is just a mere speck of time in my life. I know its just a matter of time until I pull it all together and get back to really living life again. I have a high respect for anyone who can drop everything, pick up their lives and start over in a brand new state. I think it takes a special sort of drive and passion. I’m so proud to say that I am one of those people. And I am certainly not finished yet.


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