Everything I Know I Learned in Brooklyn

After my time here I feel so much more balanced and educated on life. New York has taught me so much. Sometimes you have to learn things the hard way but in the end it is definitely worth it:

Never underestimate the importance of a restful nights sleep.
Take your vitamins.
Treat yourself to a solo lunch date at least once a week.
Always make the time to be there for your friends.
Diversity makes life so much more beautiful.
Take every opportunity to experience something or somewhere new.
Talk to strangers.
Stop and smell the flowers.
Your worst enemy could someday be one of your best friends.
Go to the park. Lay in the grass. Relax.
Take a nap on the beach.
Laugh at everything.
Keep in touch with those that matter most.
Stand up for yourself.
Make a fool of yourself.
Know that you are always meant for something greater.
Never stop actively searching for your “dream job.”
Walk in the rain.
Have picnics in the park.
Cross bridges. By foot.
There is nothing like a bike ride through the city on a perfect spring day.
Its great to be a Barista. Coffee equals survival.
Make friends with bartenders. Free alcohol is awesome.
Don’t sleep with co-workers.
Black men can be so sexy.
People will always make conversation if you’re walking your dog.
Trust your instincts.
If you have to cry, the rooftop is a great place to do so.
Don’t hold back when saying goodbye. It could be your last one.


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