Changing All The Rules

Every previously established rule, boundary, habit or opinion is just waiting to be broken, crossed, changed and replaced with something new.  We are constantly changing: physically, mentally and spiritually as much as the world is changing around us.

As I continue to grow up daily, some of these changes in me are positive, powerful and wonderful. When negativity strikes me, I fight back.  I have noticed and documented a lot of patterns in my behavior on a weekly basis.  It helps me to step back, observe the way I act and react, so I can use these actions to benefit me and who I am striving to become.

For the past few years, I have held onto the dream of becoming a nurse because of my need to take care of people that is deeply rooted within who I am.  But lately I’ve gained several new ambitions.  I want to study psychology, natural medicine and food safety.  I want to educate the world about the poison that is being put into our food and I am passionate about promoting health and wellness.  I also want to study the human mind, the way it works and why we feel and act the way we do.  There is nothing that I have ever wished to understand more than this.

Some days New York makes me feel so powerful.  As I walk the streets, the energy and vivacity of the city fill me full of life.  I am positive that I can make anything happen here.  I can change my whole life.  I just have to work really fucking hard.  And keep believing…


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