While I would most definitely consider myself quite open and able to speak freely regarding my sexuality, I’ve also never really gotten into the whole casual sex scene. There were a few here and there but I was mostly interested in more of a relationship and have always been the type to feel attachment quite easily. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex. But the thought of sleeping next to that same special someone and then waking up by their side has always been my choice over just going out and finding someone random to play with for one night. That always left me feeling empty.
I can honestly say I have closed myself off from feeling or wanting anything from the opposite sex recently. I’m not scared, bitter or even incapable of putting myself back out there; I just haven’t desired it in any way.
That being said, I am trying. This new Jamie recognizes her power. Being a woman and living in New York City has the potential to be so much fun. Scandalous even, on a more innocent level of course…
Let’s just say that I’ve been using my power from time to time. My lips are redder, my hair is lighter, my shoes are sexier and I have even been leaving the house more often. Maybe i will attract a good guy or perhaps some self-absorbed asshole. Either way, it will be an adventure. Now if I could just remember how to flirt effectively…


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