Although my darkness comes out from time to time, I would like to think I am, overall, a good woman. I care about everyone. I want to do good things and change bad things. I believe anything is possible. I know I will create positive impact wherever I go. That is always my intention.

I sometimes still cannot believe I live in New York. The fact that I made it happen and survived still gives me chills in certain situations. I have a lot resting on the horizon of my life right now and I’m excited to spend at least the next year here in the big city.

I forget to be thankful at times, for all that I have. I don’t mean material things. My life is enriched by so many amazing people and experiences. I feel so amazingly lucky. So many people motivate me and look after me without even really trying.

I can be anything I want to be. I can do everything I ever wanted. I am the strongest I have ever been. This newfound confidence suites me.
I am proud of me.


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