Breathing Easy


Lately I’ve really started living. I have taken every opportunity that arises, I’ve stared every challenge in the face, I’ve become much more outspoken and I’ve focused on always keeping a level head and a positive attitude. I feel like I have made a lot of personal progress and that is what is most important to me. In the past there have been times when I might have sat here and said everything was great when, in reality, it really fully wasn’t. I didn’t say it to impress anyone or look good, I just really wanted to believe. This time it really is. Life is good.

Working my two jobs proves tiring, as I had expected. But it has also brought me out of my shell even more. I am working at 3 separate restaurants and parts of the city on a weekly basis and this means I have contact with so many different people and surroundings. I honestly think this has restored my faith in New York in certain ways. The people I work with and that I have as customers are really wonderful. The expose me to many new things. The best part is that although I work 7 days a week, somehow I have still found plenty of time to have fun lately. I am trying to see all the areas of New York that I possibly can while I am here. I really have no idea how long that will be. Anything could happen and that’s the best part. Surprises are in my future. I am so sure of that.

There is one important lesson that this year has brought me. When someone has their mind made up, you cannot and should not try to change it. We all make our own choices, it’s our own free will. I finally understand how important it is for me to respect that.

My birthday is approaching very, very soon. Only more positivity to come from me.
Stay tuned.



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