Project Growth-[Essential Life Lessons According to Me]

It was around a month ago when I realized I needed to slow down. Everything was going much too fast, especially my ongoing thoughts. I was focusing on things beyond my control and for what reasons? My mind was racing and I was full of anxiety throughout most days. Life felt so chaotic.

I started experimenting with meditating, as that had been helpful in the past. This calmed me but only temporarily. Ultimately I just had to alter the way my mind operates. Sounds simple enough. Believe me, it’s not.

I sat myself down on one fine spring day and compiled a list. This list contains all the amazing lessons I’ve learned in my life so far. I read this list every morning to remind myself of what is truly important to me. Surely there are many more lessons to learn and I look forward to that as well.

Slow Down.

I live in the city that never sleeps. Literally. You can get anything and do anything you want at any time of the day. People are rushing from one side of the island to the other in a heated panic on a daily basis. I can always separate the visitors from the residents just by observing their pace and overall demeanor.
I fell into the habits of a typical New Yorker fairly quickly somehow. Patience used to come easily and it was simple for me to know how to relax. Slowly I noticed myself feeling so impatient and fast-paced on a level that I had never felt before. I was rushing ahead of people and was always in a hurry. One day, just recently, I stopped.
Slow down, to me, means that I practice patience with all I come in contact with. If it’s a customer at either of my jobs or just in my everyday travels. I asked myself, what am I in such a hurry for? There’s just no justification for the rush I felt. I started walking with more of a calm pace and it really makes me feel better. I breathe easier. Whenever I feel myself becoming impatient about something, I laugh a little and slow myself down.


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