April Showers Bring May Flowers

I’ve been in a stupid, lame and inexcusable mood lately. The good thing is that it usually just takes one really great day to bring me back and snap me out of it. Today brought me back to life. I actually feel stable and not worried about anything. Nothing. The weather has been unbelievable so I have been walking everywhere, including nightly strolls through the park with the dog. I started my regular gym routine again. That alone has really boosted my demeanor. I re-arranged my room just to change my environment a little. That always makes a difference.

Tomorrow I start my new job and I don’t feel at all nervous, for now anyways. I’m excited to meet some new people and challenge myself again. That’s what life is all about. Looking forward to being able to save money again for the first time in years.

Today I am proud of me. For being exactly who am. Sometimes I tend to need validation from others no matter how much my confidence has improved, but not today. I am, without a doubt, still very much a work in progress. But in this moment I’m positive that I fucking rule, flaws and all.


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