Project Bloom


During my recent visit to the desert, my friend Heatherlyn and I spoke extensively regarding our inspirations in life. I told her that I have felt myself in a sort of slump lately. I’m aware that I need a new project but I’m just not sure what that is. There are all these things inside waiting to be unleashed. I have an artistic mind and creativity constantly radiates from me but I don’t have a true outlet. I’ve always kept a journal to put my thoughts down on paper which has proven extremely therapeutic. I’ve taken a shot at drawing and painting but I don’t have enough passion in that area.

I am aware of my love for capturing photos of all the people, places and things I admire. In addition to that, I am a lover of plants and flowers. I believe it has to do with my nurturing nature. I want to take care of something/someone. It calms me.

So HL and I were brainstorming and the next steps became crystal clear. I have established some new projects and cannot wait to throw myself into something fresh. Because if I know anything at all its that I am happiest when I am continuing to learn, challenging myself and creating.


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