The Best Things In Life Are Free

I often forgot just how fortunate I am.  I barely started over in a completely different state just a short seven months ago.  I live in one of  the most active and vivacious cities in the world, filled with cultures from across the world and the most amazing diversity that I have ever experienced.  I have a job with minimal responsibility and work with people who I truly admire, have an apartment that many might not find very impressive but that I adore, I have two of my best friends to talk with and cry on whenever I may need and I have limitless opportunities to accomplish anything I may hope for throughout my lifetime.  Not to mention that I have the ability to re-create myself every day, if I so desire.  When I get sad, lonely, frustrated, angry, jealous, rejected or am just having a bad day, I often sink into this deep dark hole and shut the world out.  Recently I’ve noticed that this pattern of self-pity has definitely decreased but I still have a long way to go.

How can I not appreciate all the little things?  Being able to experience something new every day.  Laughter so intense it makes me cry.  Time spent with my favorite people.  Late night conversations that challenge my thoughts and make my heart happy.  The beauty that surrounds me.

I don’t need money or material things and I certainly don’t need to hold myself to anyone else’s standards.  I have all I need inside of me.  When I look back on this time, it won’t be the possessions I owned that count.  It will simply be the people I’ve met, the fun I’ve had and how all this made me feel.  I’m not spending one more day feeling like what I have is not enough.  It is all I could ever ask for and more.


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