Go Big or Go Home

Is it really November already?  Damn.  This year has been a complete whirlwind.  Honestly I don’t even want to discuss January-April.  But as soon as May hit and I stepped foot onto New York soil, I knew my life was about to change forever.  And it certainly has.

Since the move I have had all these goals that I keep “talking” about.  But I haven’t really focused much or put the effort forth that is needed for success.  Well I am changing my lack of focus now.  I am focusing on me and only me.

I have a clearer image of what the next year will be all about.  These are my hopes and dreams…

-I am determined to reintroduce a fitness plan back into my life and become as healthy as I was over a year ago.  Changes are necessary for results.  I am making changes.  The NYC Marathon took place this last weekend and I decided I really want to participate next year.  I have always wanted to challenge myself with a marathon and now is as good a time as any.

-I submitted my FAFSA and now I have to wait and see what happens.  {Fingers crossed} I spent a lot of time today researching schools in NY as well as nursing programs.  Possibilities are endless.  Here’s to everything working out.

-Residency.  I decided I’m not going back to AZ.  I realize that I cannot foresee what may happen in the future.  But I do know this.  There is no longer anything there that I want or need.  Aside from those select people who will always hold a place in my heart.  I can visit them or they can visit me.  New York will be my home while I am attending school.

I have been in a funk the last couple weeks but I think I have finally emerged.  I was walking around today, sight-seeing and such, and I began to remember how much I love this city and the way it makes me feel.  That feeling that took over me when I first arrived, has returned.  I will not let myself forget that ever again…



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