Today is a Gift

I have been very fortunate to meet some great people at work.  On occasion, I am lucky enough to have an inspiring heart to heart with a few of them.

Today, for example, I was talking with my friend Nick.  He’s one of my favorites and just a really good guy.  He isn’t originally from NY and has only been here for couple years.  He asked me what was the one thing I miss most about home.  I answered with “My friends.  And family.  And the mountains, I miss hiking.  Oh and the sunsets.  Nothing compares to an Arizona sunset.  I guess that’s more than one thing.”  He said he misses the stars.  It made me smile.

Moments like this make me feel better about this whole starting over thing.  It’s been three months but sometimes I still feel lost.  And from time to time people ask me where I want to end up; what my plan is.  I don’t have the answers or at least the ones they want to hear.  I know I have some amazing people in my life, some near and others so far away.  Even still, in this sea of people I swim in every day, its possible to feel so lonely.

I don’t have everything mapped out in my life, I just know what I want.  And my plan is to enjoy life.

Live for today because you never know if you’ll get a tomorrow.


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