Life and all its Glory

For approximately three weeks straight we have had visitors at our apartment.  It was very nice to see friends and family and we had many laughs and so much fun.

Fall is here and it is amazing.  I can’t believe I lived without this beauty for so many years.  I am such a pair of new eyes.  I pick up different kinds, shapes and colors of leaves all day so I can save them.  I know, total nerd status.

I’ve been talking to my Mother a lot.  She always tells me how much she misses me and wishes I was back home.  It brings on slight feelings of homesick but only temporarily.  This is my home now and it feels as such.  I don’t know where I’ll end up next, but for now I think NY suites me well.

I was talking with my roommates about how much stronger we feel after being here for awhile.  Hard to fully explain but I am now one hardcore badass chick.  I can survive anywhere.  And at the same time I am making sure to keep myself grounded and appreciate everyone and everything I have in my life.

The one thing my life is missing now is school.  So comes the next step…

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