From Park to Park

You would think that I would be exhausted after today.  But here I am, wide awake, with the hustle and bustle of the city and the constant flow of traffic outside my third story windows.  I left my apartment around 2pm and didn’t return until 10.  I walked close to 10 miles and didn’t use the subway or bus at all.  I started off in Fort Green park which is literally two blocks from our apartment and then made my way to Downtown Brooklyn and then all the way across the bridge and finally ended up in Manhattan.  Once there, I went to see the World Trade Center Memorial.  Then I walked through Battery Park, which I decided is one of my new favorite spots.  It overlooks the Hudson River and is just so green and beautiful.  I felt so peaceful there.  I know, I sound like a hippie.  But really, when I need to relax or reflect I plan on going there.  The best part is that it’s only about ten minutes from my work.

I was feeling a little homesick earlier.  I love going out and seeing the city and doing all these amazing things but I wish I had my favorite people with me.  I know that I will meet new people, and I already have, but I also feel it won’t be the same.  I have made it a point to call several people every day to talk and keep in contact.  I feel that if I can have at least one really great conversation a day, that I won’t feel so far from all the people I love and miss.

I love it here.  More and more everyday.  I feel so lucky to have brought this dream to reality.


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