The Way I See It

Some notes/observations thus far.  Note: I’ve only been here since last Sunday.  So four days technically.

HUMIDITY– Imagine taking a shower and then just never drying off for sometimes what feels like the rest of the day.  Then imagine showing up to your place of employment dripping wet.  It’s hilarious.  Really.  Now I understand what humid actually means.  When they say it feels a little humid in Phx after a monsoon, that is nothing.

THE SUBWAY– Just when you think you have it down, as in you know how to get to a few key spots from where you live to your favorite hangouts, you end up riding at one in the morning and everything changes.  The schedule is different because it’s considered afer hours.  I have successfully gotten lost every single day in some way.  Most of the time I don’t mind it because I learn and discover new things.  Unless I am on a time constraint or I end up in the ghetto.  I try not to be one of those people that are constantly asking for directions.  Sometimes people will just offer them if they can tell you are struggling, which is nice.  Tiffany was on a train today when someone in one of the other cars got stabbed.  There were cops everywhere and she was forced to get off at that stop.  That was at eight pm.  Scary.  I carry a knife and mace.  Always. And when it is late I keep the mace in my hand all ready to go.  I am extremely cautious and aware of my surroundings.  All the stuff aside, I love the subway.  It’s so convenient.  On my off days, I just search for a new restaurant that I want to try out and head that way.  It’s ninety dollars for an unlimited monthly pass.  You better believe I am going to get my moneys worth.

THE PEOPLE– I love the people here.  I love the fashion, the diversity, all the different cultures and just how unique everyone is.  I officially love men with east coast accents and they are adorable.  Without a doubt unlike most men I’ve ever been around.  They are exciting for sure.  While that is not my focus at all, I definitely find myself attracted to more men here than I ever was in AZ.  I have ended up meeting and actually holding a conversation with someone new almost every day.  Yesterday it was Marco.  A super fruity adorable gay man.  I think he want to be my new gbf.  Today I met this girl named Adrianna who is a film writer.  She’s worked with some famous people.  Everyone is so willing to share contact info right off the bat and wants to meet up for drinks or coffee.  I love that.  This city is going to really pull me far out of my shell.  I can already feel myself becoming much more confident.

EVERYDAY EXPOSURE– I have never walked so many steps/stairways in my life.  Everything you do requires going up or down.  It’s great exercise.  If I don’t lose twenty pounds in the next couple of months I will be  very surprised.   Since I’m walking around all day I have a lot of sun exposure.  I’m hoping to leave the albino team and have a little bit of color.  It feels weird to think that I have no idea when the next time I drive will be but for the most part I am happy about that.  I have about a gazillion bruises, blisters, bumps, bug bites, scrapes and scratches.  My body is still adjusting.  I seriously look a little beaten.  I think after I get a bit more adjusted and find some extremely comfortable shoes, I’ll be just fine.

So after four days, even though I literally have been taking showers three times a day (no joke) and applying deodorant like never before, I can honestly say that I love this city.  I plan to share most of my experiences here with you all.  Hope you enjoy.


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