The Final Countdown…

Eight days until my flight leaves for New York.  Eight days until my life changes forever.

There are many people who want to see me before I leave and of course I want to see them too.  It’s interesting though, to me, that so many people come out of the woodwork when they find out that you are moving away.  It’s difficult to keep an active relationship with all of your friends.  By active I mean seeing each other regularly.  I’m not saying that I am the best at it.  I think a strong friendship is one that can survive no matter what the circumstances.  I have friends that live in other states and I do try my best to keep in contact with them.  We may not talk on a very regular basis.  But we can still pick up where we left off over a phone conversation or on an occasional visit.  I wish to stay close with all the people who mean the most to me.  I foresee that the hardest part of my relocation will be adjusting to not having those people around.  I am very emotionally attached to my friends and family and I consider myself  lucky.  Not everyone feels such a deep level of connection.  I know it may take some getting used to and perhaps there will be some sadness, but I also know that I can pick up the phone and call them anytime.  I hope they feel the same.

Josh said yesterday that he thinks New York will change me for the better and that I will finally truly “love” myself and appreciate how unique I am.  It’s no secret that I have certain insecurities and self-image issues.  I know we all do.  I have been on a path of improvement for quite sometime now.  The diversity of New York is something that I am thoroughly looking forward to.  I know that this experience will undoubtedly open my eyes to new ways of life, new ways of viewing things, new ideas and new types of people who I can continue to learn from.

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