Great Heights

Dear New York,

Please save me.  Save me from myself.  Give me a newness, a fresh outlook, a reason to believe again.  Give me life again.  Let me feel all my pain to the fullest extent and in the very same moment, let me trust that the future holds greatness…

Help me let go, of everything.  Everything I ever wanted and will never have.  Help me to realize that it’s going to be okay.  Stop the nightmares and the sadness.  Let me trade this stale, used-up desert life into the sparkling, breath-taking beautiful skyline.  Let me breath in the change in the air, the change in scenery and most importantly, the change within myself.

Save me

Re-create me

Revive me

I’ve never needed an escape so much.  I’ve never wanted a week away from home in a foreign destination to cleanse my soul to such extents…


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