I Am Not Afraid of Tomorrow, For I Have Seen Yesterday and I Love Today

Recent events, within the last year…

I fell in love and felt something I never had before

I created many wonderful memories and learned countless new things

I lost a man I felt very close to and truly cared about

I journeyed through the deepest darkest period of my existence thus far

I sought therapy and learned a lot about myself that had never made sense before

I reemerged with the help of every amazing person in my life

I have started living again and really for the first time ever

I have done some traveling and plan to do so much more

I live every day like it is my last.  Who knows how long I will be around.   I want to make it count.

I strive to listen more, be more understanding and less judgemental

I have let go of every negative person in my life.  For good this time.

I constantly strive to somehow repair my relationship with my Mother

I have accepted that the past is the past and that is where it shall stay…

Near Future Events:

New York City

Kaitlyn Renee, my little sis, graduates high school

Sisters trip to Mexico


Relocation-TBD at this point


Tiffany & Cole get married

The future is bright.  Thank you past for all that you have given me.  I finally discovered what I want out of life and I am not waiting any longer to achieve it.


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