Turn These Gray Skies Back To Sky Blue

Went on a 5 mile bike ride today and part of that was through the neighborhood I grew up in, past my elementary school, and even my high school.  It was fun to reminisce .  That bike ride kicked my ass, in a good way(my legs are so incredibly sore).  I’ve been eating healthy, working out every day and riding my bike.  I hope to see the benefits soon because I am really pushing myself.  My goal is to shed some pounds before my vacation next month.

Which leads me to this.  New York City is just around the corner.  Everyone in my life is probably sick of hearing me go on and on about it…lol.  But it’s exhilarating to me because I’ve never been there or visited somewhere so exciting.  I’ve been to Cali dozens of times and love to be near the ocean but this will be something completely different.

AND-today I found out that I have the opportunity to visit Jamaica in December!!!!  I completely cannot afford it but I am going to do everything I can to make it happen.  So I am getting my passport soon and hope to be able to use it this year.  My goal is to be sitting on the beach in Jamaica, sipping on a margarita and smoking the green…lol.  How awesome would that be, seriously?

I’ve found that surrounding myself with positivity and only people who believe in me as well as challenge me has really changed me for the better recently.  I’m proud to say that I see a transformation happening.  And I like it.


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