There once was a girl named Rue,

She had so much homework that she didn’t know what to do.

So she tried and tried,

threw her social life away,

slipped slowly into a life void of play.

She learned this and that,

and her mind grew and grew.

She conquered every quiz and test

Her grades climbed to the top

But all she really wanted was some rest.

Her dreams were full of the next escape,

wishes of traveling the world.

So she kept a level mind,

while her passion she fed,

made some new friends,

when it was possible, she would clear her head.

Rue is still learning,

giving it her all,

in awe of the ride.

She knows the road ahead will unwind in due time,

along with the pull of the tide.

This chapter won’t always seem such a mess.

She’s going places,

conquering the quest.

She is scared of what will be,

but she’s doing her best.



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